Our Journey With Those Living With AIDS


The phrase “Circle of Life” where did it come from? Did it

originate in the minds at Disney, the story of Mufasa or is it much deeper than that?

The intro of Lion King starts with a song; a repeating verse;

        “ It’s the wheel of fortune

             It’s the leap of Faith

            It’s the band of Hope

           Till we find our place

          on the path unwinding

   In the circle, in the circle of life.”

 Really??? Is that what Life is, just a spin of a wheel, a leap of faith, band of hope?

My life is not just held together by a fine band of hope.

I would propose it began even before “In the Beginning”.  I believe it began in the heart of God, it was His blue print for mankind. Genesis 1:1-26 was all in preparation for the original Circle of Life. Gen. 1:27 says “So God created man in His own image, both man and women and evening passed and morning came and then God rested.”  You see in my world the circle began with God and when it ends it will also be with God. However between the beginning and the end is Life itself.

Each of us are part of a “Circle of Life”. Is there just One Big Circle or are they numberless? Can we be part of more than one circle, can we step in and out of other’s circle of life? Can you be part of mine and mine be part of yours?

I have no idea how much longer or bigger my circle might be. How many other lives I may encounter is untold as well. Yet, I have promised myself and God I will take the hand of those on my left and my right and join their circle wherever and whenever I can.  I invite you to join us as we stretch our arms to the hopeless and dying from AIDS in Nyalenda. Is it doable? Of course it is! I believe “we can do it” with all of my heart. Together we will change the lives of our friends in the slums of Nyalenda and change our lives forever.

The muddied paths of Nyalenda are incredibly winding. Yet the dedicated community health care workers ministering there can cover its miles of narrow causeways without even thinking about it. How is that possible? Those paths are part of the only circle they have ever known. At the same time, each day’s journey connects them to someone else’s life.  During my two visits to Kenya one of the things I did was joined with countless others in serving food and washing the dishes of and loving on four hundred children.  My Circle? The staffs? The Children’s? The Orphanages? Gods?   All of the above.

Expanding the Circle of Life

Yes, Yes, it is possible from right where you are to influence the lives of others 7,322 miles away. Just take my hand in yours and together we can do this.

As an example, while in Nyalenda I met a man paralyzed from the waist down. His HIV infection led to Tuberculosis which left him incapable to walk. Unable to afford the supplies he needed, he had been using the same catheter tube and colostomy bag for 5 months. My heart wept.

Upon returning to the states, our office immediately began to get him a Kenyan “National Hospital Insurance Fund” card. Quickly someone stepped forward and covered the yearly cost of $120.  Jaconia is now getting a regular supply of medical equipment and medications. He is doing much better. Hence extending his life. At the same time the rest of his family is covered under the same card. More lives can be affected by this kind of generosity. YEA!

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