Payment options

$350 a month or $4,200 a yearThe Gathering Place can provide face-to-face training with all the necessary equipment and materials. Yes, for $350 a month, we can train Community Health Care Workers to care for their neighbors with HIV. This is powerful!!! You will be changing the future for many…reversing the outcomes. As a result, more will live longer and families will stay intact. There will be less orphans & strengthened communities!

  • Choose your payment option (monthly or annual) via the drop down box above and click the “Subscribe” button. This option requires a PayPal account.
  • Don’t want to use PayPal? You can mail a $4,200 check made payable to “The Gathering Place” sent to P.O. Box 1222, Lancaster, PA 17608-1222. In the comments write “Healthcare Worker Training & Support”.