Legendary mountain man Jim Badger told tales of a place where, “There is a canyon so deep that a man could shout into it at night and be awakened by his echo the next morning.”

The topic I’ve chosen to focus this BLOG on is: Us. You and me, us, as individuals and our respective Futures.  Not for tomorrow or next week or even next month but as a continuing Godly adventure. To paraphrase a quotes of Thomas Jefferson (who by the way is quite quotable), “I would much rather dream of what God has planned for my future than look back on what I did in my past.” You see, dwelling on our past will only shroud our future with fear, regret, stumbling and lack of faith. There is no way we can measure our past against God’s plans for our future and come out on top. DUHH. I know, I just said DUHH, but wait, don’t we all actually look back at our flaws far more often than we would care to admit? Jefferson was also quoted as saying, “Nothing can stop the man with a right mental attitude from achieving his goal and nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

Hold that thought! I’ll be back in a minute and we’ll go deeper into my DUHH.

While watching the History Channel on a segment entitled “America’s National Parks”, I learned it began with a group of men chasing Indians. They called themselves the Mariposa Battalion. They passed through a narrow valley that was lined with towering granite cliffs. One man, a doctor, with tears running down his face said, “I have seen here the power and glory of a Supreme Being. The beauty of His handiwork is in the majesty of these rocks.” He named this magnificent place Yosemite.  The beauty of the mountains and valleys, the cascading thousand-foot waterfalls, the gigantic sequoias and the deep flowing rivers were judged to be more marvelous than the splendor of all the castles and gardens of Europe combined. Furthermore, in Europe this lavishness was only available to the aristocrats, the wealthy, and the elite.  The discoverers of Yosemite recommended saving the land and assuring its accessibility for ALL to possess. They believed all men, irrespective of the accident of their birth, are entitled to the aspiration of their dreams and to be full and complete human beings. The US Congress, and eventually President Lincoln, enacted the National Park system with that intent. It was said that to view this beauty created by God would embolden us all to dream about the possibilities of life, and that God was more present in nature than in anything created by man.

Our nation’s forefathers, in most part, were mindful of God in many of the things they did, and it was reflected in their words and their deeds. Whether in politics, government, the pulpit, farm or factory, our Nation’s past is replete with Godly wisdom. The focus of the National Parks was to hold safe and undisturbed these natural jewels for all people and to secure those things impossible to replace and beyond the ability of mankind to create. You see, Nature in its raw yet most beautiful array was created in God’s thoughts and formed by and held in God’s hands.

Try to comprehend the raw natural beauty and great expanse of the millions of acres of our country’s National Park system. Now ponder what God might have been thinking about during the third day of creation. Clue: you and me!

This is where the DUHH that shot through my mind comes in.  Even in our geography, God’s creation was seen as an inspiration to “Dream of Life’s possibilities.”  It is so humbling to realize that from day 1 through day 5 of creation was just in preparation for day 6. God was masterfully setting the stage for you and I. Yeah, you heard me right. We who live in this great country are also a part of His great design.

As a friend most recently wrote; while they were eating, Jesus said “I tell you one of you will betray Me. Greatly distressed each one timidly whispered into Jesus’ ear, “surely not me Lord, surely not me.”  By the end of the day they had all abandon Him. Yet each one of them returned to apostolic calling and ultimately died a martyr’s death that boldly resounded SURELY NOT ME LORD, SURELY, NOT ME. They changed destiny and so can we.

Remember, earlier I shared paraphrased quotes of Thomas Jefferson, “All men, irrespective of the accident of their birth are entitled to the aspirations of their dreams and to be full and complete human beings.” The one flaw in this quote is that we, whether born here or transferred here, are not here by accident. Even today, things continue to unfold according to His plan. To repeat: “Nothing can stop a man with the Right (Godly) mental attitude from achieving his goal and nothing can help the man with the Wrong mental attitude,” and finishing with “I would much rather Dream of what God has planned for my Future than look back on what I did in my Past.”

So PLEASE: Be encouraged to Dream Big! Don’t look back at the past but learn from it. We, You & I, are why God did it!  “If we want to experience what God has for us, let us not enter a cathedral or read a book, but rather go to a mountain top and see God as He truly is in the world.”

 The marvels within America are just a mere glimpse into what God had in mind for us.

Our God is so immensely interested in how we turn out. His plan for us is only limited by our aspirations.  If Tarzan had never let go of one vine when grasping for the next, he’d still be hanging in the trees.

Points to focus on: Have a Right Mental Attitude; Dream Big; Let Go of the Past; Climb a Mountain; Aspire for God’s Best; and Remember, from Creation to the Cross, God did it for Us!

In closing, not a thought, but rather a fervent request:

Share with me Your view from the Mountain top.

  • What does it reveal of God’s majesty to you?
  • Does it cause you to aspire for God’s best in your future?
  • How can we better answer your questions or thoughts about The Gathering Place – Our past, our present, our future, our staff?
  • Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated and will get a reply.

Go to the History channel and watch the segment on our National Parks.

Pastor Bob Lewis

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